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2021-11-13 05:43:12 By : Mr. Zetian Kuang

John Robert Peter Clements came to this world on August 3, 1963. He was born in Port Arthur Hospital in Port Arthur, Ontario, Canada. His mother, father and brother moved to Orange County, California when he was two years old. A boy with blond hair and blue eyes smiled and expressed his inner light. Pete quickly integrated into the Southern California lifestyle. He and his friends skated, surfed, skied and rode cross-country bikes in the orange grove outside Disneyland.

When Pete was 17, he started taking cooking classes with his mother, a food stylist/food management editor in the Orange County Register. Like butter, Pete is attracted to cooking. His talent was immediately recognized by the teachers of the De Rosas Cooking School. His mother satisfied his desire for chefs and took him to learn from many teaching chefs of the time, including Julia Child, Marion Cunningham, Jean Brady and Jacques Pepin. In a class, Pete told Jacques that one day he might want to "cook like him." Chef Pepin replied, "You will do better than me."

Pete continues to discover the excitement of Mr. Stox, La Toque, Spago and many other kitchens. Before serving, he would show up in the kitchen wearing an ironed chef's jacket and holding a knife and roll, asking him if he could study and study for free.

When Pete was 22, he was accepted as an apprentice at the Michael Swaterside Hotel in Santa Barbara. Here, he started working with young French chefs trained by Albert and Michel Roux at Le Gavroche. It was in this kitchen that he met his wife and discovered a new outdoor passion for cycling and triathlon. After completing his apprenticeship, he worked as a sous chef, pastry chef and executive chef in many restaurants in Santa Barbara, including Louies at The Upham Hotel, Montecito Café, Brandons at Piccadilly Circus, San Ysidro Ranch and El Encanto. He also works at a high-end resort in Antigua and organizes parties for private clients while starting a family.

After the birth of his first son, he found a job at Emilio's Trattoria. It was here that Pete found his voice as a chef, mentor and innovator. His success at this small seaside restaurant is undisputed because he used all the skills he learned using local fresh produce, meat and seafood to create a farm-to-table that is both exciting and delicious Experience.

His success gave him the courage to open the kitchen to young chefs. Pete is keen to share his knowledge and love of food with anyone who wants to learn. It is hard to say how many chefs and food lovers learn from him.

Pete is the proud father of three beautiful children, Christopher Tosh, Sarah Margaret and Taylor Kershaw. He admires his family and can share his passion and love for life with them when he is away from the kitchen. Surf and camp in Jalama, Rincon, or just ride a bike or skateboard nearby. He found joy, and there is nothing that makes his face smile more than his three children.

As a young man, his children followed in his footsteps, and his daughter started cooking, working in a bakery, and assisting in catering activities. His sons participated in surfing competitions and bicycle competitions. Pete is very proud of watching his boy racer driving various rules or tasting anything his female baker shared with him. Four years ago, his daughter gave birth to his first granddaughter Leia Marguerite. A year later, Charlotte Grace. Pete likes his grandchildren and visits them in Alaska whenever he gets the chance. He is always happy to take part in their extraordinary and interesting adventures, teaching girls how to enjoy food while loving them.

Pete died of natural causes while cycling in Spain on September 16, 2021. We feel very sad for the sudden loss of such energetic and loving family members. The community that grew up around him, his close friends, kitchen partners, surfers, bikers, many fans of his divinely inspired delicious little wine, his children, grandchildren and grandchildren, we are all lucky enough to have dinner with him... …Experiencing his talent and respect for the art of food, the love he offers, we will all miss his happiness…Because Pete is undoubtedly the best chef, friend and father I have had the honor to know.

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