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2021-11-13 05:42:44 By : Mr. Kevin Wang

In Le Bernardin's kitchen, chef Eric Ripert is full of French exquisite portraits, his silver hair is perfectly combed, and his sharp blue eyes appear bluer against the refreshing white chef coat he often wears. When he gets off work, Ripert's style is simple and relaxed-almost bohemian. He likes simple and tasteful jeans and formal shirts; he will not hesitate to match a sports jacket with a beaded bracelet.

We recently interviewed Ripert and talked about his favorite items in his wardrobe, where he bought his original chef jackets, and where his love for dressing started.

InsideHook: Is there one or two things in your closet that you would never have without? 

Eric Ripert: A good watch (I am a collector). Depending on the occasion, I will wear sporty or elegant clothes.

When you want to dress casually, what kind of clothes do you like best to wear?

Jeans and black T-shirt.

What about dressing up?

I usually like to wear a black suit with a white T-shirt, and sometimes I like to wear a tie [Ed. Note: Do not wear a T-shirt, be clear].

What do you like best to wear in the kitchen? 

I wear Bragard chef jackets, they are very comfortable and elegant.

Who taught you how to dress or inspired your sense of fashion?

My mother is in the fashion industry. She was the first person to influence me. So my taste in dress has naturally grown.

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