Chef AJ's Healthy Holiday Vegan Parfait Recipe | Beet

2021-11-13 05:42:27 By : Ms. Sunny Wu

This holiday dessert is beautiful and delicious, and it's easy to make! After the pears are baked, they are all done in about 15 minutes. You don’t have to fall into a sugar coma during the holidays—on the contrary, you can use fruits to make healthy and delicious desserts—whole fruits, only whole fruits.

Parfait means perfect in French, and this holiday dessert certainly lives up to its name. If you don't want to make a separate parfait, you can prepare this in a beautiful small bowl.

This is an easy to prepare, elegant and delicious Thanksgiving meal, or make any day a holiday.

A new turning point for the old pet. One day, I wanted to make my 5-minute cranberry sauce, and it turned out that I was outdated! I think what I have on hand can be used instead of sweetness. Fortunately, there is always a jar of unsweetened pear juice in my storage room to make pear whip, so I decided to try pears. efficient! I think you will like this version as much as the original.

Chef Tip: Roasted pears can be used as a sweetener in many recipes, instead of dates or bananas.

This is a low-fat version of sweet pear whip for those who cannot eat nuts.

Chef’s tip: Use your own juice instead of unsweetened canned peaches instead of pears. If you are using fresh pears, this may not be as sweet, so consider roasting them first and/or adding jujube puree to taste.

If you want more thickness, add 2 tablespoons of white chia seeds dissolved in 4 tablespoons of liquid before mixing.

Calories 568 | Total Fat 5g | Saturated Fat 0.5g | Sodium 262mg | Total Carbohydrate 126.4g | Dietary Fiber 25.6g | Total Sugar 73.3g | Protein 8.9g | Calcium 172mg | Iron 6mg | Potassium 1311mg |